Day 305: Up in the air (… for the rest of 2017)

I don’t think I’ve ever moved around this much in a short amount of time. Over the next two months, my travel schedule will go as planned:

New York — 5 Days

I’m back in Manhattan to work with the METIS marketing team. I’m sure there will be whiteboards and post-it notes involved.

Iowa — 4 Days

I’m overdue to visit my wife in her state of occupation. At first, she thought she wasn’t going to be home for Thanksgiving, but as long as we’re together, we’re home.

Silicon Valley — 6 Days

I’ll be in Santa Clara to attend the AI Expo, and afterwards I’m co-facilitating a Startup Weekend event at the Google campus. Never a dull moment.

Chicago — 3 Days

METIS will be having our annual company summit in the Windy City. I demanded to my colleagues that we will have fun. In this case, I will be adamant about reaching my goals.

The Philippines — 12 Days

I haven’t seen my in-laws in five years, and I had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas and New Years there. There’s a likelihood I’ll be lighting things on fire and getting diarrhea at least twice

Vietnam — 6 Days

This is the most significant trip for me. I haven’t been back in over six years, and the reasons why I’m “returning” are similar to my motivations to live there for two summers in the first place.

Do not envy me. Well, maybe a little.

— Lee

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